Sunday, May 30, 2010

My favourite

...he, the Stegosaurus, with brains big as a golfball, would actually be the ideal Zahm-replacement at Prpl. And he is good looking.

Olivier Lame

I wonder- am I the only person who thinks that Olivier Zahm 
a) looks like he reeks funny (i tried to be decent putting it that way)
b) has the lamest aesthetic ever going on
c) is sexist and highly overpaid
d) should be hidden away on some offshore platform and later be used as a plug for the leakage under that particular oil rig in the gulf region. That way he would be useful human garbage for once.

uuuurtsy fuuurtsy


Steppin' Out

Where i went today

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey. So over the whole miu miu swallow/dogs/cats/flowers-thing. Even tried to sell a swallow-patch on Ebay for God's sake, to have my fair share of this of-the-moment-thing. Not a darn user watches it!!!! You can watch over 199 items at once, for the love of God, chillun. Still, first and last woman to pull of a great miu miu-look, found on her blog CUFFINGTON. Looking good- impressive palette.
And for the record: the Unglücksrabe Swallowpatch that noone wants to watch yet bid on...not so bad either?!

Marshmallows, a cat's fur, my pillow, my grandfather's handshake, dove soap, the early buds of may. Can you marry lovesongs in Denmark?

Monday, May 24, 2010



Beating the woodworm

Porcelain figurines are something fine. Be it gothic lolitas or this little china-pair (Hain&Blöd) i won for beating the woodworm on a fairground last summer. First pic via StyleBubble.

Kate comes late

Before I never was much of a Kate Moss fan somehow, but honestly, how stunning does she look here? Better late than never...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

i like Nicola

...because she is odd and lovely and has the 'bestest' wardrobe eva! Gingerbread, you rule! Seriously. Luv! pics via

"Amos, anda, aqui estoy yo."

(En la terraza de "nuestro" piso).

When we were young

I admit that we had fun. Always, always.

Hello Friendo Part II

Friday, May 21, 2010

So relieved

Ahahaha...that felt good. Merry, happy. Be safe on that plane!Angela Lindval via noirfacade

Hitchcockian Glasses

Aren't they great? And isn't Barbara Bel Geddes the clandestine star in Vertigo? At least there is also two of her, just as there were two Kim Novaks in a way and this picture (via proofs it...
too bad she ends up alone, but at least, she is alive. And that's something.

Looking forward to Antwerp!

Nee, wat mooi! Ik vindt Antwerp zo leuk! En ik ben blij, dat ik daar na toe gaa en de show(s) kan zien.
Bovendien hebben ze een goed visrestaurant met knappe gasten als obers (vertelde een vriendin) en UO in Antwerp. En waffles. En diamanten! Haha, 't zal zo mooi worden...

Oh, how beautiful! I find Antwerp is so cool! And i am happy for i go there to watch the shows. On top of it they have a great fishrestaurant there with pretty man as waiters (a friend told me so) and UO in Antwerp. And waffles. And diamonds! Haha, it is going to be so beautiful!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

For my dear friend Fossi

hahar, that FINANZKRISE potential horrorscenario is for you cause A) you would be running out of Pfandflaschen to pay your creditcard-debt B) as a consequence you return to playing the accordion (in the pedestrian precinct) and C) you grow yourself an emo-boy zentis-helmet like the guy below.
SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! i see to it that this never happens! hihi
anyways: wishing you the best luck for your (dormant? i dunno- hope not!) thesis! Besos!

Softened stamina and stomata hari

This photo touched me in a strange way. I love that magical before-twighlight-hour glow and like to breathe the air surrounding the place.

Hello Friendo

Miss Maudie and Scout Finch sittin in a tree

Saturday, May 8, 2010

THOSE ARE BIG (also) but they fit....

They look like Givenchy-s, but they are Camper. For an extremely organic, 'woody'- Charles n Ray Eames-y feel and endless walks through Summer's sun and rain. (And in case i want to sneak up to a group of rabbits or sparrows- they make no sound at all!!!)
Awesome Plywood.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Nobody describes the noises of Summer better, trust me! I heard them!

Why can't i be Hemingway? Because i am the reader, i guess. Well, that's something, folks, isn't it?

Thank you, thank you. Far too kind.

Grandma is the best (but not the quickest)

Class of 1942 ca. 1967

Thursday, May 6, 2010

THOSE ARE BIG! (but too small??)


- to the A-L-E-N-C-I-A-G-A