Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's on tomorrow

Oh ancient Beatrijs, how i detest thee....but actually i rather detest the fact that you make me come to class as early as 8am tomorrow. You kinda look good, still, you sinner.

via nrchandelsblad.nl, style.com

Friday, April 9, 2010

Update on Mario

I made it. It was insane (the whole 20/Hi shizzz). I had to fight 84 viruses (even if the plural form is just virus as well, there where so many, just totally insanely grammatically incorrect!)
The award-ceremony was bizarre. First i thought nothing would happen, it just said "congratulations" and posed information about the level. And then a UFO turned up above water, beaming the 3-different-coloured (black, white, grey) viruses (they just sat there ever since i started playing) up from the ground of the sea...BUT before they reach the UFO a giant ARAPAIMA ancient fish swimms in to eat them up/ devour them in one piece!! The UFO disappeares, the music is very shrill and suddenly there is fish of different kinds back in the ocean.
I had a teary and a smiling eye and very sweaty armpits.What can i say- saving the world is hard work!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'd die for Dr. Mario right away. Managed every level there is so far but VIRUS: 20, SPEED: HI, MUSIC: CHILL. I am so excited which underwater animal will show up to my award ceremony after 20/HI= completed. 5/HI= a very slow blowfish. 10/HI= a sidewalking crab/cancer. 15/HI= a flying baracudaesk fish i almost ignored (above water.)

image via oldschoogamer.com