Thursday, February 18, 2010

New II

Got this today and a similar golden skirt (gold pattern that resembles peacock feathers)and lots of cheap shirts, two mohair scarves, a very melancholic pillow that looks like an octopus and a 'gimmick' sore throat due to a limejuice i almost chung-a-luged at the mall. I was so thirsty. Running around a store always makes one terrible thirsty- which i almost forgot, since it was the first time going to a store in a long time (6 or 7 months?). The winter is just so cold and i never felt like buying anything for such a long time. I think i stick to this routine, buying something online from time to time and only going to a shop twice a year or so. That applies to bookshops, too, for one always finds more than what you were actually looking for(equals buying more shelves), or you end up only getting other books still feeling an emptyness because 'the one' was not to be found. Records can be bought at fleamarkets or garage-sales and tunes- everyone has them on their computers. 'Shopping' your very own closet is more fun and fullfilling, because somehow you never feel empty remembering your old 'friends'.
I don't care about the economy for the same reasons i don't pay taxes.

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