Friday, April 9, 2010

Update on Mario

I made it. It was insane (the whole 20/Hi shizzz). I had to fight 84 viruses (even if the plural form is just virus as well, there where so many, just totally insanely grammatically incorrect!)
The award-ceremony was bizarre. First i thought nothing would happen, it just said "congratulations" and posed information about the level. And then a UFO turned up above water, beaming the 3-different-coloured (black, white, grey) viruses (they just sat there ever since i started playing) up from the ground of the sea...BUT before they reach the UFO a giant ARAPAIMA ancient fish swimms in to eat them up/ devour them in one piece!! The UFO disappeares, the music is very shrill and suddenly there is fish of different kinds back in the ocean.
I had a teary and a smiling eye and very sweaty armpits.What can i say- saving the world is hard work!

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